Your Weekly Offering

Every week, at each celebration of Mass, members of our congregation and those joining in the Eucharistic celebration are invited to support the ministry of our parish through a financial contribution.

These donations are very important to the vitality of our parish.

First and foremost, your gift goes to ensuring that our church is open and accessible to all who seek her comfort.

Just like your household, the Cathedral has expenses, that are necessary to keep our doors open to all who come here.

But just as important are the programs that we have that reach into our community.

Your contribution is very important. And you have a choice in how to make your donation.

A weekly decision – you can decide each week, or whenever you attend church, how much you might contribute to support the church’s ministry.

Envelopes – If you are a registered parishioner of the Cathedral, you can request weekly envelopes. By placing your weekly gift into your envelope, you will receive an income tax receipt at the end of the year for the total of your contributions in that year.

Automatic withdrawal – You can decide how much you would like to give for the year, and then divide that into equal payments that are automatically withdrawn from your bank account weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. It’s easy. Even if you are away, you are able to continue supporting our mission.  This ensures that the Cathedral programs have a steady flow of income. Plus, it reduces the administration costs, making more funds available to support  our mission.